Technology / Television (TV) / Director: A person who is in charge of a television show, on the set or in a control booth, during the actual production process.

Other Words for Director

Director Noun Synonyms: guide, leader, steersman, helmsman, pilot, skipper, commander, commandant, captain, cicerone, maestro, concert-master, conductor, impresario
Director Conjunction Synonyms: executive, administrator, official, principal, chairman, president, vice-president, governor, head, chief, boss, manager, superintendent, supervisor, overseer, foreman, headman, kingpin, number one, numero uno, Mr. Big, the man, top dog, top

Outside Director

Business / Finance / Outside Director: A director of a company who is not an employee of that company and brings in outside experience to help make board decisions. MORE

Interlocking Directorate

Business / Finance / Interlocking Directorate: Describes cross-memberships of directors on each other's company Board of Directors. MORE

Provider Directory

Health / Dentistry / Provider Directory: Provider directories are listings of providers who have contracted with a managed care network to provide care to its participants. Participants may refer to the directory to select in-network provide MORE


Technology / Computers / Directory: In computing, this refers to the separate entities of a file system. A directory can contain thousands of files and folders used as a means of adding or updating data and is usually an organized searc MORE

Associate Medical Director

Health / Health Insurance / Associate Medical Director: Manager whose duties are often defined as a subset of the overall duties of the medical director. MORE

Executive Director

Health / Health Insurance / Executive Director: In a managed care plan, individual responsible for all operational aspects of the plan. All other officers and key managers report to this person, who in turn reports to the board of directors. MORE