Technology / Television (TV) / Discourse: Socially-based belief structures. The viewer brings discourses to the reading of the television text, which contains discourses that match or clash with the viewer's.

Free Indirect Discourse

Entertainment / Literature / Free Indirect Discourse: A style of third-person narration that mingles within it traits from first-person narration, often shifting pronouns, adverbs, tense, and grammatical mode. The term comes from the French 'style indire MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Feminism: A critical approach which concentrates on gender discourse, the manner in which the male-female relationship is portrayed. MORE

Verse Paragraph

Entertainment / Literature / Verse Paragraph: A division of poetry indicated normally by adding an extra line-space above and below the section to set it off from other parts of the poem. Unlike a stanza, in which the division of poetry correspon MORE

Ideological Criticism

Technology / Television (TV) / Ideological Criticism: An area of television criticism, concerned with class and gender representation, that studies society's competing discourses and the position of the individual within society. MORE

Cultural Studies (Ethnography)

Technology / Television (TV) / Cultural Studies (Ethnography): A critical approach which argues that viewers decode television texts based on their specific ideological position in society: it looks at the interaction between the ideological discourses of the tex MORE

Poetic License

Entertainment / Literature / Poetic License: The freedom of a poet or other literary writer to depart from the norms of common discourse, literal reality, or historical truth in order to create a special effect in or for the reader. When applied MORE