Technology / Television (TV) / Discrepancy: A difference between station billing and the original order: requires a discussion between the buyer and the station before the invoice is paid.

Other Words for Discrepancy

Discrepancy Adjective Synonyms: gap, disparity, lacuna, difference, dissimilarity, deviation, divergence, disagreement, incongruity, incompatibility, inconsistency, variance, conflict, discordance, contrariety

Bucket Shop

Business / Finance / Bucket Shop: An illegal brokerage firm that accepts customer orders but does not attain immediate executions. A bucket shop broker promises the customer a certain price, but waits until a price discrepancy is pres MORE

Shut Out The Book

Business / Finance / Shut Out The Book: Discrepancy between a firm's actual inventory and its recorded inventory due to theft, deterioration, loss, or clerical problems. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Confrontation: A communication that deliberately pressures or invites another to self-examine some aspect of behaviour in which there is a discrepancy between self-reported and observed behaviour. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Cloaking: Cloaking describes the technique of serving a different page to a search engine spider than what a human visitor sees. This technique is abused by spammers for keyword stuffing. Cloaking is a violatio MORE

Learning Disabilities

Life Style / College / Learning Disabilities: encompasses a wide variety of learning difficulties for students. In general, a learning disability describes a discrepancy between a child's intelligence and academic achievement. Some people have le MORE

Barrons Confidence Index

Business / Finance / Barrons Confidence Index: Index measuring the ratio of the average yield on 10 top-grade bonds to the average yield on 10 intermediate-grade bonds. The discrepancy between high-rated top-grade bonds and low-rated bond yields e MORE