Technology / Television (TV) / Dissolve: A special effect wherein simultaneously one shot fades out as the next fades in, so that the two images briefly overlap. Often used to shift from one scene to the next.

Other Words for Dissolve

Dissolve Verb Synonyms: collapse, break into, melt into
Dissolve Noun Synonyms: melt (away), liquefy, disperse, disintegrate, diffuse, decompose, thaw (out), fuse, deliquesce, sublime, vanish, disappear, fade (away), diminish, decline, peter out

Dissolved Load

Science / Geology / Dissolved Load: The dissolved material being carried by a stream. MORE

Dissolved Organic Matter

Science / Marine Biology / Dissolved Organic Matter: Dissolved molecules derived from degradation of dead organisms or excretion of molecules synthesized by organisms MORE

Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

Business / Agriculture / Dissolved Oxygen (DO): The oxygen freely available in water, vital to fish and other aquatic life and necessary for the prevention of odors in water. DO levels are a critical indicator of a waterbody’s ability to support MORE

Tellurium (Te)

Science / Periodic Table of Elements / Tellurium (Te): Atomic number: 52, Atomic mass: 127.6 g.mol -1, Electronegativity: 2.1, Density: 6.24 g.cm-3, Melting point: 450 °C, Boiling point: 1390 °C, Vanderwaals radius: 0.137 nm, Ionic radius: 0.221 nm (-2) MORE

Ytterbium (Yb)

Science / Periodic Table of Elements / Ytterbium (Yb): Atomic number: 70, Atomic mass: 173.04 g.mol -1, Electronegativity: 1.1, Density: 7 g.cm-3 at 20°C, Melting point: 824 °C, Boiling point: 1466 °C, Vanderwaals radius: unknown, Ionic radius: unknown MORE

Ruthenium (Ru)

Science / Periodic Table of Elements / Ruthenium (Ru): Atomic number: 44, Atomic mass: 101.1 g.mol -1, Electronegativity: 2.2, Density: 12.2 g.cm-3 at 20°C, Melting point: 2250 °C, Boiling point: 4150 °C, Vanderwaals radius: 0.135 nm, Isotopes: 11, Ele MORE