Dolby Pro Logic

Technology / Television (TV) / Dolby Pro Logic: Dolby Surround technology delivers four channels of audio - Left, Center, Right, and Mono Surround - that are matrix-encoded onto just two audio tracks. These two tracks are then carried on stereo program sources such as TV broadcasts and feature films on VHS.

Other Words for Logic

Logic Adjective Synonyms: reasoning, deduction, dialectics, ratiocination, inferential or scientific reasoning
Logic Noun Synonyms: reasonableness, intelligence, judiciousness, practicality, rationality

Dolby Digital

Technology / Home Audio / Dolby Digital: Dolby's name for its format for the digital soundtrack system for motion picture playback. Utilizes their AC-3 method of digital compression. The signal is optically printed between the sprocket holes MORE


Science / Biology / Promoter: The specific nucleotide sequence in DNA that marks the beginning of a gene. MORE


Science / Astrology / Promittor: The slower moving of two planets in aspect; the receiver of an aspect. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Promotion: Career advancement within an organization, which includes increased authority, level of responsibility, status and pay. MORE

Promotion Program

Business / Agriculture / Promotion Program: Any program by an approved commodity promotion board or marketing order, including paid advertising, to present a favorable image of an agricultural commodity to the public to stimulate sales and impr MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Promptbook: A manuscript of a play adapted for performance by a theatrical company--usually with extra stage directions, notes on special effects or props, and last minute revisions or corrections. In some prompt MORE