Dolby Surround

Technology / Television (TV) / Dolby Surround: Or Dolby Stereo. Four audio channels (left, center, right, and surround) converted to two channels referred to as right-total and left-total.

Other Words for Surround

Surround Verb Synonyms: encompass, encircle, envelop, enclose, hem in, ring

Dolby Digital

Technology / Home Audio / Dolby Digital: Dolby's name for its format for the digital soundtrack system for motion picture playback. Utilizes their AC-3 method of digital compression. The signal is optically printed between the sprocket holes MORE

Dolby Pro Logic

Technology / Television (TV) / Dolby Pro Logic: Dolby Surround technology delivers four channels of audio - Left, Center, Right, and Mono Surround - that are matrix-encoded onto just two audio tracks. These two tracks are then carried on stereo pro MORE

Surround Session

Business / Internet Marketing / Surround Session: Advertising sequence in which a visitor receives ads from one advertiser throughout an entire site visit. MORE

Surround Speakers

Technology / Home Audio / Surround Speakers: In a home theater system, the speakers located beside or behind the listening/viewing position. These speakers can be mounted on the walls, placed on stands, or set on bookshelves. They help create an MORE


Science / Chemistry / Surroundings: In thermodynamics, the surroundings refer to the universe outside the system. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Surround: The surround is the flexible ring around the edge of the speaker cone. In conjunction with the inner suspension element called a Spider, it determines the overall impedance of the speaker. Pleated, tr MORE