Technology / Television (TV) / Dolly: A wheeled camera support which permits a rolling camera movement. In conventional television usage, dollying refers to forward or backward movement and trucking (which is accomplished with a dolly) refers to sideways movement.


Technology / Television (TV) / Steadicam: Registered trademark for a gyroscopically balanced camera mount that attaches to a camera operator's body, which produces smooth camera movement without the use of a dolly. MORE


Health / Fitness / Tracking: An adjustment or design consideration that is intended to keep the belt centered on the treadmill. Some manufacturers use belt 'keepers' or metal rods on the underside of the frame to keep the belt ce MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Hand-Held: A technique in which the camera is held by the camera operator, rather than fixed to a camera mount such as a tripod or dolly. MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Pedestalling: The raising or lowering of the camera on the vertical post of the camera support. Pedestal is also the term given to the moveable camera support (the shaft in the center of a dolly) used in studio tel MORE


Science / Genetics / Cloning: Using specialized DNA technology to produce multiple, exact copies of a single gene or other segment of DNA to obtain enough material for further study. This process, used by researchers in the Human MORE

Nuclear Transfer

Science / Genetics / Nuclear Transfer: A laboratory procedure in which a cell's nucleus is removed and placed into an oocyte with its own nucleus removed so the genetic information from the donor nucleus controls the resulting cell. Such c MORE