Dual Lnb

Technology / Television (TV) / Dual Lnb: A dual LNB has two coax connections. You can operate up to two satellite television receivers with a dual LNB.

Quad Lnbf

Technology / Television (TV) / Quad Lnbf: A combination LNBF and multi-sat switch component for DISH 500 systems can accommodate up to 4 DISH Network receivers. MORE

Medically Needy Individuals

Health / Health Insurance / Medically Needy Individuals: Enrollees in Medicaid programs whose income or assets exceed the maximum threshold for certain federal programs. MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / LNB-LNBF: Low Noise Block down-converter with integrated feed: amplifies received signals and converts them from microwaves to lower L-band frequency signals which are then sent along a cable to the satellite T MORE


Life Style / Wine / Residual: Refers to any substance that remains after the fermentation. Typically used in relation to sugar (see below). MORE

Residual Assets

Business / Finance / Residual Assets: Assets that remain after sufficient assets are dedicated to meet all senior debtholders' claims in full. MORE

Residual Claim

Business / Finance / Residual Claim: Related: Equity claim MORE