Electronic News Gathering (ENG)

Technology / Television (TV) / Electronic News Gathering (ENG): The video recording of news events or actualities.

Other Words for Gathering

Gathering Verb Synonyms: assembly, convocation, convention, congress, assemblage, meeting, get-together, turnout, conclave, rally, aggregation

Other Words for News

News Noun Synonyms: tidings, word, information, advice, intelligence, rumour, talk, gossip, hearsay, dirt, scandal, expos‚, info, low-down, scoop, scuttlebutt, dope

Electronic Warfare (EW)

Technology / Radar / Electronic Warfare (EW): Electronic warfare (ew) describes techniques that exploit an adversary's use of the electromagnetic spectrum or defend friendly use of the electromagnetic spectrum. There are three subdivisions of ew: MORE

Email Newsletter

Technology / Email / Email Newsletter: Content distributed to subscribers by email, on a regular schedule. Content is seen as valued editorial in and of itself rather than primarily a commercial message with a sales offer. See ezine. MORE

Gathering Pipeline

Science / Geology / Gathering Pipeline: A pipeline that carries natural gas between a production well and a main transmission line. MORE

Gathering System

Science / Geology / Gathering System: A network of small pipelines that connect producing wells to the main transmission system. MORE

Electronic Ticket

Life Style / Travel / Electronic Ticket: A ' paperless ' airline ticket allowing one to check-in and fly with just proper photo id. What may look like a ticket is actually just a paper passenger receipt. E-tickets cannot be lost, or used by MORE

Electronic Support (ES)

Technology / Radar / Electronic Support (ES): Electronic support aims to gain sufficient information about radar sensors to allow an understanding of the radar’s characteristics including its role, its method of operation, and its strengths and MORE