Technology / Television (TV) / Emulsion: The mixture of photosensitive chemicals with a gelatin medium attached to the base of a piece of film.

Ordinary Emulsion

Entertainment / Photography / Ordinary Emulsion: Is a term applied to a photographic emulsion which is only sensitive to ultra-violet and blue light. MORE

Emulsion Side

Entertainment / Photography / Emulsion Side: Side of the film coated with emulsion. MORE

Emulsion Paint

Life Style / Painting / Emulsion Paint: Paint in which particles are suspended in water or oil with the aid of an emulsifier as in latex paint. MORE

Keyed Emulsion Sensitivity

Entertainment / Photography / Keyed Emulsion Sensitivity: Term used to describe the color response of color printing papers which have peak sensitivities to the three dye colors present in the same manufacturers color negatives. MORE

Water Emulsions

Life Style / Painting / Water Emulsions: Mixture of pigment and synthetic resin in water with low solvent emission, low fire hazard and toxicity and good durability and chemical resistance. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photogram: Pattern or design produced by placing opaque or transparent objects on top of a sensitive emulsion, exposing it to light and then developing it. MORE