Technology / Television (TV) / Encoding: In cultural studies, the creation of meaning within a text by a cultural institution such as the television industry. Readers/viewers may decode these preferred meanings when exposed to texts, or they may take a position opposing them.

Run-Length Encoding

Technology / Home Audio / Run-Length Encoding: See Non-Lossy Compression. MORE

Castle Rock Broadcast Center

Technology / Television (TV) / Castle Rock Broadcast Center: The facility which provides directv with television reception, playback, encoding, and up-linking. MORE


Technology / Computers / MP3: Stands for MPEG (Moving Picture Expert Group) Audio Layer 3. This is a compression standard that was developed to create a small audio file size while keeping a high quality sound. The small file size MORE

Digital Television (DTV)

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Television (DTV): Transmitting a broadcast signal by encoding it as 0s and 1s the digital code used in computers. DTV can be compressed to provide four, five, or more channels in the same bandwidth required for one cha MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Scansion: The act of 'scanning' a poem to determine its meter. To perform scansion, the student breaks down each line into individual metrical feet and determines which syllables have heavy stress and which hav MORE


Health / Dentistry / Stress: Normally defined in terms of mechanical tensile stress which is the form divided by the perpendicular cross sectional area over which the force is applied. MORE