Extreme Long Shot (XLS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Extreme Long Shot (XLS): A framing that presents a distant view of an object or person--e.g., an aerial shot of a car on a street.

Other Words for Extreme

Extreme Adverb Synonyms: beyond the pale or limits or bounds, extravagant, inordinate, excessive, disproportionate, outrageous
Extreme Verb Synonyms: fight, struggle or strive against, contest, oppose, defy, enter the lists against, withstand
Extreme Noun Synonyms: unusual, uncommon, exceptional, outstanding, notable, noteworthy, abnormal, different, extraordinary, remarkable
Extreme Adjective Synonyms: immoderate, excessive, severe, intense, acute, maximum, worst

Other Words for Long

Long Adjective Synonyms: extensive, extended, elongate(d), large, great, big

Other Words for Shot

Shot Adjective Synonyms: discharge, shooting
Shot Noun Synonyms: marksman, markswoman, sharpshooter, sniper, rifleman

Moon Shot

Entertainment / Baseball / Moon Shot: A home run that is hit particularly high and long. MORE

Okazaki Long-Life Massage

Health / Massage / Okazaki Long-Life Massage: These two practices form an integral part of traditional martial arts training that emphasizes a concern for physical well-being. Restoration therapy has been practiced in Japan for more than fifteen MORE

One Shot Color Camera

Entertainment / Photography / One Shot Color Camera: Is an obsolete plate camera making three color separation negatives from a single exposure. MORE

One Shot Developer

Entertainment / Photography / One Shot Developer: Is a developer that is used on a single occasion and then discarded. MORE

Midextreme Tide

Science / Tides and Currents / Midextreme Tide: An elevation midway between extreme high water and extreme low water occurring in any locality. MORE

Medulla Oblongata

Science / Biology / Medulla Oblongata: The region of the brain that, with the pons, makes up the hindbrain; controls heart rate, constriction and dilation of blood vessels, respiration, and digestion. MORE