Feed Horn

Technology / Television (TV) / Feed Horn: A device which collects the signals at the focus of the satellite dish and channels them to the LNB.

Other Words for Feed

Feed Adjective Synonyms: provision, cater or provide (for), victual, purvey, provender, supply, maintain, nurture, nourish, board, support, sustain, wine and dine
Feed Verb Synonyms: fodder, forage, pasturage, silage, food, provender

High Moisture Feed Grains

Business / Agriculture / High Moisture Feed Grains: Corn and grain sorghum must have moisture content below CCC standards in order to qualify for marketing assistance loans. However, the FAIR Act of 1996 makes recourse loans available to producers of c MORE

Hawthorne Effect

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Hawthorne Effect: A term produced as a result of an experiment conducted by Elton Mayo whereby he concluded that expressing concern for employees and treating them in a manner that fulfills their basic human needs and MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Horn: A type of speaker system now principally used for high-frequency reproduction, but which is capable of full range sound in its largest format. As with those huge alpine horns, even the smallest transd MORE

Horn Tweeter

Technology / Home Audio / Horn Tweeter: A driver consisting of a relatively small emitter surmounted by a curvilinear or exponential horn. This is an effective system for radiating high frequencies in a variety of situations. The size and s MORE


Entertainment / Music / Hornpipe: Country dance of British Isles, often in a lively triple meter: optional dance movement of solo and orchestral Baroque suite: a type of duple meter hornpipe remains popular in Irish traditional dance MORE


Science / Geology / Hornfels: A high-temperature, low-pressure metamorphic rock of uniform grain size showing no foliation. Usually formed by contact metamorphism. MORE