Technology / Television (TV) / Filter: In lighting, a colored gel placed in front of a light source. In cinematography or videography, an optical device (colored, polarized, etc.) Attached to the lens.

Other Words for Filter

Filter Noun Synonyms: leach, percolate, drip, seep, dribble, trickle, drain, run or pass through, ooze
Filter Adjective Synonyms: sieve, colander, riddle, screen, strainer, gauze, cloth, cheesecloth, membrane

Color Balancing Filters

Entertainment / Photography / Color Balancing Filters: Filters used to balance color film with the color temperature of the light source and prevent the formation of color casts. MORE

Color Conversion Filter

Entertainment / Photography / Color Conversion Filter: See cc filters. MORE

Neutral Density Filter

Entertainment / Photography / Neutral Density Filter: Describes a gray camera filter which has an equal opacity to all the colors of the spectrum and so does not affect the colors in the final image. It is used to reduce the amount of light entering the MORE

Polarizing Filter

Entertainment / Photography / Polarizing Filter: Colorless gray filter made from stressed glass. Polarizing filters are used over light sources or camera lenses to reduce or remove specular reflection from certain types of surfaces. MORE

Correction Filter

Entertainment / Photography / Correction Filter: Filter which alters the color rendition of a scene to suit the color response of the eye. MORE

Color Compensatory Filters

Entertainment / Photography / Color Compensatory Filters: Pale colored filters used to warm or cool subject colors. MORE