Five Lnb

Technology / Television (TV) / Five Lnb: A dish with five lnbs and four outputs. This dish looks at satellites in five different orbital positions. It is required for HD local channels in some markets because these channels are not all available from a single satellite.

Five-Second Violation

Entertainment / Basketball / Five-Second Violation: When passing the ball inbounds after gaining possession, players have five seconds to get the ball to a teammate. MORE

Group Of Five (G-5)

Business / Finance / Group Of Five (G-5): The G-7 countries plus Russia. MORE

Five-Element Shiatsu

Health / Massage / Five-Element Shiatsu: This technique is based on classical Chinese medicine’s law of the five elements. The five-element system views the human body as a microcosm of the universe with the tides of energy and emotions wa MORE

Five-By-Five (5x5)

Technology / Aviation / Five-By-Five (5x5): In radio jargon, affirms that a radioed transmission was received as clear and loud. Rated one to five, with the first figure for clearness and the second second for loudness. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Five-Bagger: Five straight strikes. MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / LNB-LNBF: Low Noise Block down-converter with integrated feed: amplifies received signals and converts them from microwaves to lower L-band frequency signals which are then sent along a cable to the satellite T MORE