Technology / Television (TV) / Flight: A scheduling tactic that alternates periods of advertising with periods of no activity.

Other Words for Flight

Flight Noun Synonyms: flying, soaring, winging, excursion

Flight Plan

Technology / Aviation / Flight Plan: Specified information relating to the intended flight of an aircraft, filed orally or in writing with an FSS or an ATC facility. MORE

Flight Level (FL)

Technology / Aviation / Flight Level (FL): A level of constant atmospheric pressure related to a reference datum of 29.92 inches of mercury. Each is stated in three digits that represent hundreds of feet—flight level 250 represents a baromet MORE

Red-Eye Flight

Life Style / Travel / Red-Eye Flight: An overnight flight that usually arrives in the early morning. Because when you first wake up you are usually tired with red eyes, the term red-eye flight became very popular with economic and busines MORE

Visual Flight Rules (VFR)

Technology / Aviation / Visual Flight Rules (VFR): A defined set of FAA regulations and "rules of the road" covering operation of aircraft primarily by visual reference to the horizon (for aircraft control) and see-and-avoid procedures (for traffic se MORE

Connecting Flight

Life Style / Travel / Connecting Flight: Flight on which passenger must change aircraft at some point, referred to as the connecting point. MORE

In-Flight Service

Life Style / Travel / In-Flight Service: Meals, free drinks, paid drinks, music, movies, and any other type of entertainment available during a flight. MORE