Focal Plane

Technology / Television (TV) / Focal Plane: The plane within a film camera where the light strikes the film.

Other Words for Focal

Focal Noun Synonyms: central, focused, concentrated, convergent, centred, centralized

Other Words for Plane

Plane Noun Synonyms: flat, even, level, smooth, plain, regular, unbroken, uninterrupted, uniform, horizontal
Plane Verb Synonyms: flat or level (surface)

Focal Length

Technology / Digital Cameras / Focal Length: Focal length is a measure of the distance (in millimeters) from the optical center of a camera's lens to its focal point, which is located on the image sensor. Because digital cameras' focal lengths a MORE

Equivalent Focal Length

Entertainment / Photography / Equivalent Focal Length: Distance in a lens between the front nodal point and the focal plane when the lens is set to focus a subject at infinity. In a telephoto lens the equivalent focal length is shorter than the back focus MORE

Focal Point

Science / Astrology / Focal Point: Any point in a horoscope where several influences converge or disperse, such as the position of the squared planet in a T-square formation, the action point in a yod, the handle of a bucket, etc. See MORE

Focal Plane Shutter

Entertainment / Photography / Focal Plane Shutter: Shutter which lies just in front of the focal plane. Light sensitive film positioned at the focal plane is progressively exposed as the shutter blinds move across it. MORE

Planetary Patterns

Science / Astrology / Planetary Patterns: Used interchangeably with shaping. Sometimes equated with aspect patterns. See also shaping, Bowl, Bucket, Bundle, Locomotive, See-Saw, Splash, Splay. MORE

Planetary Node

Science / Astrology / Planetary Node: The point at which a planet's path intersects the ecliptic; declination, 0°. The term is usually reserved for nodes other than the Moon's Nodes. MORE