Focus Distance

Technology / Television (TV) / Focus Distance: The distance from the camera to the object being focused on.

Other Words for Distance

Distance Verb Synonyms: remoteness, space, gap, interval, mileage, footage, stretch
Distance Noun Synonyms: separate, detach, dissociate, disassociate

Other Words for Focus

Focus Verb Synonyms: centre, concentration, focal point, heart, core, target, convergence, hub, nave, cynosure
Focus Noun Synonyms: concentrate, centre, converge, meet, pinpoint, spotlight, bring into focus, zero in

Infrared Focus

Entertainment / Photography / Infrared Focus: See ir setting. MORE

IF (Internal Focusing)

Entertainment / Photography / IF (Internal Focusing): System in which only the internal lens group shifts during focusing. If benefits include focusing without changing the physical length of a lens body, faster focusing, reduced diameter of the focusing MORE

Long Focus

Entertainment / Photography / Long Focus: A lens in which the focal length is much greater than the diagonal of the film format with which it is used. MORE

Manual Focus

Technology / Digital Cameras / Manual Focus: Manual Focus mode allows a user to manual control the lenses and set the distance to the subject. It is mainly designed for users who need to shoot in low light conditions, or use macro or special eff MORE

Preset Focus Shooting

Entertainment / Photography / Preset Focus Shooting: Technique in which focus is set at a predetermined setting and the shutter is released when the subject moves into the focus point. MORE

Hyperfocal Distance

Entertainment / Photography / Hyperfocal Distance: Distance between the camera and the hyperfocal point. MORE