Technology / Television (TV) / Framing: Determines what the viewer can and cannot see due to the manipulation of the camera frame (the edge of the image).

Stud Framing

Business / Construction / Stud Framing: A building method that distributes structural loads to each of a series of relatively lightweight studs. Contrasts with post-and-beam. MORE

Framing Method

Entertainment / Literature / Framing Method: Using the same features, wording, setting, situation, or topic at both the beginning and end of a literary work so as to 'frame' it or 'enclose it.' This technique often provides a sense of cyclical c MORE

Holographic Memory Release

Health / Massage / Holographic Memory Release: This subtle technique, developed by Charles Daily, DC, allows the Holistic Memory Release (HMR) practitioner to quickly locate specific holographic touch points that are referenced to the individual†MORE

Myopractic Muscle Therapy

Health / Massage / Myopractic Muscle Therapy: Robert Petteway developed the Myopractic system after thirty years in the healing arts. His experience in structural integration, biomechanics, acupuncture, Oriental medicine, and a wide variety of mu MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Easel: Device to hold photographic paper flat during exposure, usually equipped with an adjustable metal mask for framing. MORE

Enclosing Method

Entertainment / Literature / Enclosing Method: Another term for framing method. MORE