Technology / Television (TV) / Gel: A piece of plastic or gelatin placed in front of a light source to change its color.

Public Rangelands Improvement Act Of 1978 (PRIA)

Business / Agriculture / Public Rangelands Improvement Act Of 1978 (PRIA): P.L. 95-514 (October 25, 1978) defines the current grazing fee formula and establishes rangeland monitoring and inventory procedures for Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service rangelands. The Na MORE


Science / Biology / Dinoflagellates: Single-celled to colonial protistans characterized by two flagella, one girdling the cell and the other trailing the cell. Some dinoflagellates exist in coral, in a symbiotic relationship. These dinof MORE


Business / Finance / Angel: An investment-grade bond. Antithesis to fallen angel. In the context of venture capital, the first investor. MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Bagel: Winning (or losing) a set 6-0. With the shape of the '0' being evoked supposedly by the round shape of a bagel. See breadstick. MORE

Hells Angels

Technology / Motorcycle / Hells Angels: Movie produced in 1930 by Howard Hughes. Also a B-17 squadron in WWII. The name was subsequently taken by a group of motorcyclists for their motorcycle club. This club has expanded and has many chapte MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Danegeld: The practice of paying extortion money to Vikings to make them go away, often associated in particular with the Anglo-Saxon king 'Aethelred Unraed.' His nickname means 'Aethelred the Unready,' or more MORE