Technology / Television (TV) / Genre: Groupings of television programs defined by their narrative structure, thematic content, and style of sound and image.

Other Words for Genre

Genre Noun Synonyms: kind, sort, type, class, style, brand, character, category, genus, species, variety, fashion


Entertainment / Literature / Tzu: A Chinese genre of poetry invented during the t'ang period. It was akin to a song libretto with a tonal pattern similar to the lu-shih, but with irregular meter. This term should not be confused with MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Uta: Another term for the Japanese genre of poetry also called a waka or tanka. See discussion under tanka. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Lai: (plural lais, also spelled lay) A short narrative or lyrical poem, usually in octosyllabic couplets, intended to be sung. Helen Cooper called the genre the 'mini-Romance' since the typical theme and c MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Yarn: An informal name for a long, rambling story--especially one dealing with adventure or tall-tales. The genre typically involves a strong narrative presence and colloquial or idiomatic English. The tone MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Vita: The word vita has two common meanings in English scholarship. First, for medievalists, a vita is a medieval literary genre, one commonly called 'a saint's life' or a 'hagiography.' The saint's life is MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Waka: A Japanese genre of poetry closely related to the tanka, consisting of alternate five- and seven-syllable lines. The primary difference seems to be that the word waka dates back to the sixth century B MORE