Technology / Television (TV) / Grain: The silver halide crystals suspended in the emulsion of a piece of film. When struck by light and chemically processed, these crystals change color, resulting in the film image. The smaller the grain, the higher the definition of the image (i.e., the sharper the image).

Other Words for Grain

Grain Verb Synonyms: seed, kernel, stone, pip, pit
Grain Noun Synonyms: cereal, corn, grist

Fine Grain

Technology / Television (TV) / Fine Grain: A type of film stock in which the grain is smaller, resulting in a higher image definition. MORE

Grain Reserve

Business / Agriculture / Grain Reserve: A phrase that might refer to the food security commodity reserve, food security wheat reserve, the farmer-owned grain reserve, or the strategic grain reserve. MORE

T-Grain Technology

Entertainment / Photography / T-Grain Technology: Name for kodaks film emulsion technology used in all kodak aps films. Uniquely shaped grains that align better than conventional silver crystals absorb and transmitting light more effectively to produ MORE

Federal Grain Inspection Program

Business / Agriculture / Federal Grain Inspection Program: The grain inspection program administered by the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration. The program establishes official U.S. standards for grain and certain other commodities such a MORE

Grain-Neutral Spirits

Entertainment / Liquor / Grain-Neutral Spirits: Otherwise known as grain alcohol, alcohol distilled from grain at 190 proof. Colorless and tasteless, it is used in making blended whiskeys and, as well as gin, gin, vodka, homemade liqueurs and other MORE

Farmer-Owned Grain Reserve (FOR)

Business / Agriculture / Farmer-Owned Grain Reserve (FOR): A program, established under the Food and Agriculture Act of 1977, designed to buffer sharp price movements and to provide reserves against production shortfalls by allowing wheat and feed grain farme MORE