Technology / Television (TV) / Hdtv: HDTV, or High Definition Television, is a digital television format that combines high-resolution video and theater-like sound to create a movie theater-quality TV viewing experience.

High Definition Television (HDTV)

Technology / Television (TV) / High Definition Television (HDTV): The generally agreed upon definition of HDTV is approximately twice the vertical and horizontal picture resolution of today's NTSC TV, which essentially makes the picture twice as sharp. HDTV also has MORE

High Definition Television (HDTV) Resolution

Technology / Television (TV) / High Definition Television (HDTV) Resolution: 720p - The picture is 1280x720 pixels, sent at 60 complete frames per second. 1080i - The picture is 1920x1080 pixels, sent at 60 interlaced frames per second (30 complete frames per second). 1080p - MORE


Technology / Cell Phones / Simulcast: A signaling technique that broadcasts the same signal over multiple sites in a network. MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Widescreen: A term given to picture displays with a wider aspect ratio than your standard analog TV. Digital HDTV or SDTV is referred to as '16:9 widescreen.' Most motion pictures also have a 16:9 widescreen aspe MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Reciever: A unit similar to today's cable boxes, which is capable of receiving and decoding DTV broadcasts. A DTV 'Certified' STB can receive all (18) ATSC DTV formats, (including HDTV) and provide a displayabl MORE


Technology / Cell Phones / Bandwidth: The capacity of a telecom line to carry signals. A greater bandwidth indicates the ability to transmit a greater amount of data over a given period of time. MORE