Horizonal Sync Frequency

Technology / Television (TV) / Horizonal Sync Frequency: The number of times per the number of times per electron beam can trace a pattern like this

Stride Frequency

Health / Fitness / Stride Frequency: The number of strides that a runner takes over a certain time period. MORE

Spatial Frequency

Science / Spiders / Spatial Frequency: (a) a vector giving the frequency components (number of cycles per unit length, kx and ky ) of a general 2D sine wave in x- and y-direction: or (b) the length of a spatial frequency vector. In the 2D MORE

Slow Sync

Entertainment / Photography / Slow Sync: Flash technique for using the flash at a slow shutter speed. Flash shooting in dim light or at night at a fast shutter speed often results in a flash-illuminated subject against a dark background. Usi MORE

Sync (Or Synch)

Technology / Television (TV) / Sync (Or Synch): The synchronization of sound and image. See lip sync. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Synchro-Sunlight: System of combining daylight and flash to achieve a controlled lighting ratio. MORE

Synchronized Flash

Entertainment / Photography / Synchronized Flash: Method of synchronizing flash light duration with the maximum shutter opening. MORE