Technology / Television (TV) / I-O: Input/output. Typically refers to sending information or data signals to and from devices. Often used in referring to video/audio component connections.

Input - Output (I-O)

Technology / Computers / Input - Output (I-O): A circuit path that enables communications between the processor and other devices. MORE

Semi-Open (Closed) Adoption

Life Style / Adoption / Semi-Open (Closed) Adoption: Adoption where adoptive family and birth parents may talk, meet and have correspondence after the adoption, but no identifying information is exchanged. MORE

Semi-Open Adoption

Life Style / Adoption / Semi-Open Adoption: An adoption in which a child's birth parents and pre-adoptive parents may exchange primarily non-identifying information. After the child is placed in the adoptive home, contact with the birth family MORE

I-O Port

Technology / Computers / I-O Port: An I/O Port is used to communicate to and from devices, such as a printer, disk, or keyboard. I/O ports can be anything from the plugs on the back of your computer to the ones on your motherboard - an MORE

Sulphur (SO2 )

Life Style / Wine / Sulphur (SO2 ): An anti-oxidant used in making most wines; the fermentation process creates minute natural amounts. MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Rotoscope: A device used in animation wherein a single frame from a live-action film is rear-projected onto a light table with a semi-opaque glass in the center: the animator traces the images cast by the film o MORE