Indexical Sign (Index)

Technology / Television (TV) / Indexical Sign (Index): In semiotics, a type of sign in which the signifier is physically caused by the signified. For example, where there is smoke, there is fire. Thus the signifier (smoke) is physically caused by the signified (fire).

Other Words for Sign

Sign Verb Synonyms: token, symbol, indication, mark, signal, indicator, notice
Sign Noun Synonyms: trace, indication, evidence, mark, clue, hint, suggestion, vestige

Signal Anxiety

Science / Psychiatry / Signal Anxiety: An ego mechanism that results in activation of defensive operations to protect the ego from being overwhelmed by an excess of excitement. The anxiety reaction that was originally experienced in a trau MORE

Signal Processors

Technology / Home Audio / Signal Processors: Electronic devices which alter sound either to achieve a particular effect or to solve a problem with that sound (e.g. Delays, compressors, reverbs, noise gates, equalizers). MORE


Business / Finance / Signal: Demand for immediate payment. MORE

Sign-Up Period

Business / Agriculture / Sign-Up Period: A USDA-prescribed time period, usually lasting several months, when farmers can enroll in a crop price support or other farm program. MORE

Sharp Sign

Entertainment / Music / Sharp Sign: Musical symbol (#) that indicates raising a pitch by a semitone. MORE


Science / Astrology / Sign: See 'Sun Sign.' MORE