Interlaced Video

Technology / Television (TV) / Interlaced Video: TV frames consist of two fields of alternating lines that are scanned onto the picture display unit (e.g., picture tube) in rapid sequence to produce an interlaced video image.

Decoding (Video Capture)

Technology / Television (TV) / Decoding (Video Capture): The process of converting TV interlaced video to noninterlaced RGB video. MORE

Noninterlaced Video

Technology / Television (TV) / Noninterlaced Video: Each line is scanned during each total vertical (full) screen refresh. Computer monitors use typically noninterlaced video. MORE

S-Video Jack

Technology / Television (TV) / S-Video Jack: It is a standard definition video connection normally found on directv and Dish Network receivers: it supports better quality than composite video. MORE

Video Connector

Technology / Television (TV) / Video Connector: The connector on the video card or computer's graphics output that the monitor cable is connected to. MORE

S-Video Cable

Entertainment / Video Games / S-Video Cable: A video cable that produces better video quality than a composite cable, but not as good as a component cable. S-Video improves on composite by separating the color and luminance signals. MORE

Personal Video Recorder (PVR)

Technology / Television (TV) / Personal Video Recorder (PVR): Pvrs are digital devices that use a hard drive instead of videotape as the recording medium. Pvrs blend the features of a VCR with the programmability and storage of a computer. MORE