Jump Cut

Technology / Television (TV) / Jump Cut: An editing technique wherein one shot does not match the preceding shot, resulting in a disruptive gap in space and/or time.

Other Words for Cut

Cut Verb Synonyms: gash, slash, incision, nick, wound
Cut Noun Synonyms: share, portion, percentage, piece, dividend, commission
Cut Adjective Synonyms: abridged, abbreviated, cut-down, shortened, edited, curtailed

Other Words for Jump

Jump Noun Synonyms: leap, bound, spring, pounce, hurdle, vault, hop, skip, caper, cavort, gambol
Jump Adjective Synonyms: start, jerk, wince, flinch, recoil
Jump Verb Synonyms: pass, move, leap, skip

Inventory Cutoff

Business / Accounting / Inventory Cutoff: The determination of which items should be included in the year-end inventory balance. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Jump: (also 'fly') to fly farther than desired as a result of decreased backspin, usually resulting from long grass (but also could be water) between the ball and clubface at impact MORE

Inside Cut

Entertainment / Basketball / Inside Cut: When the offensive player passes the ball to a teammate and cuts to the basket looking for a return pass. MORE

Inserted-Tooth Cutter

Business / Machine Shop / Inserted-Tooth Cutter: A milling cutter designed with replaceable cutting tooth inserts to save the expense of a new cutter whenever the teeth become damaged or worn. Generally, they are made 6 inches or more in diameter. MORE


Business / Finance / Haircut: Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol specifying that the issue is the second preferred bond of the company. MORE

Heel Cut

Business / Construction / Heel Cut: A notch cut in the end of a rafter to permit it to fit flat on a wall and on the top, doubled, exterior wall plate. MORE