Technology / Television (TV) / Kbps: Kbps stands for kilobits per second and refers to the speed of a signal transmission.


Technology / Computers / V.90: A standard for 56-Kpbs modems approved by the International Telecommunication Union(ITU) in February, 1998. The V.90 standard resolves the battle between the two competing 56 Kbps technologies –X2 f MORE


Technology / Computers / 28.8K: Lowest end operating speed for modems as set by the FCC. Operates at 28.8 Kbps. MORE


Technology / Computers / 56K: Most common modem (modulation/demodulation) speed. Generic term for modems that can receive data at 56Kbps (kilobits per second). MORE


Technology / Computers / X2: A technology developed by U.S. Robotics (now 3COM) for delivering data rates up to 56 Kbps over plain old telephone service (POTS). It was long believed that the maximum data transmission rate over co MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Direcway: Direcway is the brand name original used to deliver satellite internet access by Hughes Networking. Now re-branded as hughesnet®, it offers a suite of broadband connectivity solutions for your home, MORE

Plain Old Telephone Lines (POTL)

Business / Internet Marketing / Plain Old Telephone Lines (POTL): Unless you are reading this at a high-tech company or large corporation -- which has ISDN or T1 lines -- chances are you accessed over POTS, copper wires that transmit at about 28.8 Kbps. Which means MORE