Laugh Track

Technology / Television (TV) / Laugh Track: A soundtrack of pre-recorded laughter, usually added in the post-production process to a comedy program with no studio audience.

Other Words for Laugh

Laugh Adjective Synonyms: titter, giggle, snigger, snicker, chuckle, chortle, guffaw, split one's sides, break or crack up, roll on the floor, go into hysterics, roar with laughter, hoot
Laugh Verb Synonyms: titter, giggle, snigger, snicker, chuckle, chortle, guffaw, horse laugh

Other Words for Track

Track Noun Synonyms: line, rail(s), way, railway, railroad
Track Verb Synonyms: path, trail, route, footpath, course, road, street, alley
Track Adjective Synonyms: follow, dog, pursue, trace, stalk, shadow, trail, hunt down, chase, tail


Entertainment / Video Games / Track-ball: A special controller that contains a ball the size of a pool ball that you roll with your hand. This provides a fine degree of control, and was made popular in early arcade games like Missile Command MORE


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Health / Fitness / Tracking: An adjustment or design consideration that is intended to keep the belt centered on the treadmill. Some manufacturers use belt 'keepers' or metal rods on the underside of the frame to keep the belt ce MORE

Track Day

Technology / Motorcycle / Track Day: Organized events in which members of the public are allowed to ride motorcycles around established racing circuits. Criteria for being eligible to participate is usually the holding of a motorcycle li MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Track: Either ball track, which is the area on the surface of the ball upon which the ball rotates as it goes down the lane; or. the area of a lane where most players in that center throw their normal strike MORE

Statistical Tracking Error

Business / Finance / Statistical Tracking Error: Theory that the firm's capital structure is determined by a trade-off of the value of tax shields against the costs of bankruptcy. MORE