Local Spot

Technology / Television (TV) / Local Spot: The advertising purchased in a market and aimed only at the audience in that market.

Other Words for Local

Local Noun Synonyms: neighborhood, neighbouring, nearby, close by, adjoining
Local Verb Synonyms: provincial, regional, district, state, county, shire, municipal, city, town, village, neighborhood, restricted, limited, specific, particular, peculiar
Local Adjective Synonyms: resident, native, townsman, townswoman, townsperson

Other Words for Spot

Spot Adjective Synonyms: site, place, locale, location, locality, scene, setting, section, area, neighborhood, quarter
Spot Noun Synonyms: morsel, bit, bite, smidgen or smidgin
Spot Verb Synonyms: mark, patch, speck, blot, blotch, blemish, speckle, fleck, particle, mote, macula, smudge, stain, stigma, discoloration, splodge or also splotch

Spot TV

Technology / Television (TV) / Spot TV: The advertising time purchased from individual stations. There are two major types local and national. Local spots are purchased in one market and aimed only at the audience in that particular market. MORE

Spot Markets

Business / Finance / Spot Markets: Originating mortgages by processing applications taken directly from prospective borrowers. MORE

Spot Market

Business / Agriculture / Spot Market: A public or open marketplace (such as open exchanges or auction houses) where products (including agricultural products such as livestock, grain, cotton, etc.) Are bought and sold. The Minneapolis Gra MORE

Spot Lending

Business / Finance / Spot Lending: Interest rate fixed today on a loan that is made today. Related: Forward interest rates. MORE

Spot Meter

Entertainment / Photography / Spot Meter: Used to get accurate light readings of a small part of a subject. It uses a narrow angle of view to measure within limited areas. MORE

Spot Metering

Technology / Digital Cameras / Spot Metering: Meters the light at the center of the image storage media. MORE