Technology / Television (TV) / Luminance: (Light or Brightness) In video signals the component that includes information about its brightness.

Brightness (Luminance)

Technology / Television (TV) / Brightness (Luminance): In the context of television's image quality, how bright or dark a color is. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Illuminance: Term quantifying the illumination of, or incident light falling on a surface. MORE

Luminance Meter

Entertainment / Photography / Luminance Meter: Alternate term for exposure meter. MORE

S-Video Cable

Entertainment / Video Games / S-Video Cable: A video cable that produces better video quality than a composite cable, but not as good as a component cable. S-Video improves on composite by separating the color and luminance signals. MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / YuvYUV: The color space used by PAL and some NTSC formats (Y is the luminance and U and V are the color components). MORE

Component (HD) Video Connection

Technology / Television (TV) / Component (HD) Video Connection: The output of a high definition video device (such as an HDTV set-top box), or the input of an HDTV receiver or monitor, comprised of (3) primary-color signals: red, green, and blue - each on a separa MORE