Technology / Television (TV) / Masking: A non-anamorphic widescreen film process. In masked films, blackened horizontal bands are placed across the top and bottom of a 1:1.33 frame, resulting in a wider aspect ratio of 1:1.85.

Masking Fluid

Life Style / Painting / Masking Fluid: A latex gum product that is used to cover a surface you wish to protect from receiving paint. Miskit by Grumbacher and Art masking fluid by Winsor & Newton are two such products. Also referred to as l MORE

Color Masking

Entertainment / Photography / Color Masking: Pink or orange mask built into color negative film to improve final reproduction on the print. MORE

Masking Tape

Life Style / Painting / Masking Tape: A strip of paper or cloth similar to adhesive tape, which can be easily removed, used to temporarily cover areas that are not to be painted. MORE

Masking Frame

Entertainment / Photography / Masking Frame: Is an adjustable frame used to hold printing paper in position under the enlarger, also referred to as an enlarging easel. MORE

Weighted Stock Index

Business / Taxes / Weighted Stock Index: In weighted stock indexes, price changes in some stocks have a much greater impact than price changes in others in computing the direction of the overall index. By contrast, in an unweighted index, pr MORE

Local Control

Entertainment / Photography / Local Control: Method of controlling the final quality of a print by increasing or decreasing the exposure given to localized areas of the print by selective masking. MORE