Media Text

Technology / Television (TV) / Media Text: Any item in the mass media (e.g., a TV commercial or program, film, magazine, interview, public appearance, etc.).

Other Words for Text

Text Adjective Synonyms: extract, abstract, section, quotation, part, paragraph, passage, verse, line
Text Noun Synonyms: wording, words, content, (subject-)matter, printed matter, (main) body (text), contents


Technology / Television (TV) / Intertextuality: The intertextual, self-reflexive quality--as when one television text (e.g., a commercial) refers to another (e.g., a program or commercial) or to other types of media texts. MORE

Qualified Intermediary

Business / Real Estate / Qualified Intermediary: Corporation or entity who facilitates a 1031 tax deferred exchange (also known as an accommodator). To be a qualified intermediary, the intermediary must not be a related party. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Q-Text: The term for a hypothetical ur-text or source manuscript that served as the source for the synoptic gospels (i.e., Matthew, Mark, and Luke), but which did not influence John. The abbreviation 'Q' come MORE

Priestly Text

Entertainment / Literature / Priestly Text: In biblical scholarship, this refers to material in Genesis and the Hebrew Bible that probably appeared during a late period of editing--in contrast with the older J Text and E Text. The name P Text c MORE


Entertainment / Music / Polytextual: Two or more texts set simultaneously in a composition. MORE

Pyroclastic Texture

Science / Geology / Pyroclastic Texture: The unsorted, angular, and un-rounded texture of the fragments in a pyroclastic rock. MORE