Technology / Television (TV) / Megabyte: One million bytes (actually 1,048,576): one thousand kilobytes.

Megabyte (MB)

Technology / Computers / Megabyte (MB): About a million bytes of space. Actually it's 2 raised to the 20th power or 1,048,576 bytes of space. MORE

Removable Media

Technology / Digital Cameras / Removable Media: All of our digital cameras use some kind of reusable removable memory, such as Memory Sticks, compactflash cards, and Secure Digital cards. These memory cards offer varying amounts of storage — the MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Bytes: A byte is a unit of information transferred over a network (or stored on a hard drive or in memory). Every web page, image, or other type of file is composed of some number of bytes. Large files, such MORE

Enhanced TV

Technology / Television (TV) / Enhanced TV: Or enhanced digital television (EDTV) (also known as datacasting). A term used for certain digital on-air programming (not generally available today) that includes additional resources viewers can dow MORE


Technology / Computers / Memory: Internal storage areas in the computer. The term memory identifies data storage that comes in the form of chips, and the word storage is used for memory that exists on tapes or disks. Moreover, the te MORE

Transfer Rate

Technology / Computers / Transfer Rate: The speed at which a disk drive can transfer information between its platters and your CPU. The transfer rate is typically measured in megabytes per second, megabits per second, or megahertz. MORE