Music Video

Technology / Television (TV) / Music Video: A visual representation of or accompaniment to a song or other musical selection that usually exists independently as a recording.

Noninterlaced Video

Technology / Television (TV) / Noninterlaced Video: Each line is scanned during each total vertical (full) screen refresh. Computer monitors use typically noninterlaced video. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Musicology: The study of forms, history, science, and methods of music. MORE

Musical Saw

Entertainment / Music / Musical Saw: A handsaw that is bowed on its smooth edge: pitch is varied by bending the saw. MORE

Personal Video Recorder (PVR)

Technology / Television (TV) / Personal Video Recorder (PVR): Pvrs are digital devices that use a hard drive instead of videotape as the recording medium. Pvrs blend the features of a VCR with the programmability and storage of a computer. MORE

Program Music

Entertainment / Music / Program Music: Instrumental music endowed with literary or pictorial associations, especially popular in the nineteenth century. MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / S-Video: A video signal that employs two channels: luminance (Y: namely brightness) and chrominance (C: namely color). It is referred to as Y/C. It falls between component and composite video in terms of quali MORE