Oppositional Reading

Technology / Television (TV) / Oppositional Reading: In cultural studies, the interpretation of the text that is wholly contrary to the text's dominant meanings.

Reading The Lanes

Entertainment / Bowling / Reading The Lanes: The process of discovering how your ball reacts on different portions of the lane surface; hopefully, finding the best area to use to maximize strike potential. MORE

Reading The Lane

Entertainment / Bowling / Reading The Lane: Experimentation, usually during practice, to determine the characteristics of a lane. Some lanes are faster than others, some will allow a bigger hook while others will hold the ball back, etc. MORE

Reading The Defense

Entertainment / Football / Reading The Defense: Recognition by the quarterback of the defensive formation; he may then call an audible to adjust the offense. MORE

Reading The Tape

Business / Finance / Reading The Tape: Judging the performance of stocks by monitoring changes in price as they are displayed on the ticker tape. MORE

Reflected Light Reading

Entertainment / Photography / Reflected Light Reading: Measurement by a light meter of the amount of reflected light being bounced of the subject. The light meter is pointed towards the subject. MORE

Spreading Rate

Life Style / Painting / Spreading Rate: The area to which paint can be spread; usually expressed as square feet per gallon. MORE