Technology / Television (TV) / Over-The-Air: Referencing analog or digital signals sent out in the open air by broadcast staions, and received most likely by an antenna or internal tuner on a television. Over-the-air signals are regulated by the FCC, and users are not assessed charges for capturing the signals.

Over-The-Air Service Provisioning (OTASP)

Technology / Cell Phones / Over-The-Air Service Provisioning (OTASP): The ability of carriers to add new types of services to a customer's handset by using the wireless network instead of requiring the customer to bring the phone to a carrier's location for reprogrammin MORE


Technology / Cell Phones / Spectrum: The range of electromagnetic radio frequencies used in the transmission of sound, data and television. MORE

Terrestrial Broadcasting

Technology / Television (TV) / Terrestrial Broadcasting: A broadcast signal transmitted 'over-the-air' from a ground-based transmitter to an antenna. MORE

Multi-Switch (Or Multi-Satellite Switch Or Matrix-Switch)

Technology / Television (TV) / Multi-Switch (Or Multi-Satellite Switch Or Matrix-Switch): If you want to hook up more receivers than your dish can accommodate, you can use a multiswitch to split up the satellite feed without compromising signal quality. Some multiswitches allow you to add MORE