Paradigmatic Structure

Technology / Television (TV) / Paradigmatic Structure: In semiotics, a manner in which signs are organized and meaning created. Paradigmatic structures create meaning through association, in contrast to syntagmatic structures which create meaning through sequence or chronological order. E.g., in baseball, the players that might replace one another in the batting line-up are in paradigmatic relationship to one another. The television viewer flows syntagmatically through the evening's programs (one after another) and surfs paradigmatically across the channels (hitting that remote control) to view what is on concurrently.

Other Words for Structure

Structure Adjective Synonyms: building, edifice, house, construction
Structure Noun Synonyms: construct, build, organize, design, form, shape, arrange, systematize
Structure Adverb Synonyms: form, shape, configuration, organization, arrangement, make-up, framework, order, design, formation, system, nature, character

Syntagmatic Structure

Technology / Television (TV) / Syntagmatic Structure: In semiotics, the manner in which signs are linearly and/or temporally organized. E.g., the batting line-up in baseball is in syntagmatic order. See paradigmatic structure. MORE


Life Style / Wine / Structure: The way a wine is built; its composition and proportions. MORE

Static Theory Of Capital Structure

Business / Finance / Static Theory Of Capital Structure: A method of cash budgeting that is organized along the lines of the statement of cash flows. MORE