Technology / Television (TV) / Penetration: A proportion of households owning televisions or subscribing to cable.

Other Words for Penetration

Penetration Adjective Synonyms: piercing, perforation, puncturing, incision, puncture, penetrating, inroad, entry, entrance

Market Penetration

Entertainment / Video Games / Market Penetration: The ratio of installed base versus population. (People who buy a product vs. People who do not.) MORE

Market Penetration-Share

Business / Finance / Market Penetration-Share: Used in the context of general equities. Percent of trading volume in a stock that a particular market maker trades. MORE

Penetration Anchor

Science / Marine Biology / Penetration Anchor: In hydraulically burrowing organisms, any device used to penetrate and gain an initial purchase on the sediment so that the body can be thrust in farther MORE

Varnish Stain

Life Style / Painting / Varnish Stain: Varnishes colored with a dye and without the same power of penetrations as the true stains, leaving a colored coating on the surface. MORE

Water Repellant

Life Style / Painting / Water Repellant: Any finish that prevents penetration of water into the substrate. MORE


Technology / Programming / Lifting: Lifting is the process by which the differences among multiple, concrete implementations of the same algorithm are abstracted away, producing a generic algorithm. MORE