Pickup Pattern

Technology / Television (TV) / Pickup Pattern: In microphones, the shape of the space in which the microphone is sensitive to sound. Common patterns include omnidirectional and cardioid.

Other Words for Pattern

Pattern Verb Synonyms: figure, motif, design, device, decoration, ornament
Pattern Noun Synonyms: model, original, archetype, prototype, exemplar, paragon, ideal, standard, yardstick, criterion, gauge, measure

Play Pattern

Entertainment / Video Games / Play Pattern: Game mechanic. For example, a crossword puzzle entails a different player activity than does a card game. MORE

Post Pattern

Entertainment / Football / Post Pattern: Sprint 8 to 10 yards, fake, look back at QB, then sprint deep at 45 degrees, the opposite pattern is the flag route Pop Warner League: youth football leagues similar to Little League Baseball leagues MORE

Planetary Patterns

Science / Astrology / Planetary Patterns: Used interchangeably with shaping. Sometimes equated with aspect patterns. See also shaping, Bowl, Bucket, Bundle, Locomotive, See-Saw, Splash, Splay. MORE

Pickup Syllable

Entertainment / Literature / Pickup Syllable: Another term the unstressed syllable in anacrusis. MORE

Aspect Pattern

Science / Astrology / Aspect Pattern: Particular combinations of aspects that form special planetary configurations. MORE

Pure Yield Pickup Swap

Business / Finance / Pure Yield Pickup Swap: Moving to higher yield-bonds. MORE