Technology / Television (TV) / Plasma: Plasma tvs are comprised of a bunch of tiny independent cells that produce the red, green, and blue colors necessary to view an image. They offer a bright, vivid picture that looks like you’re in the middle of the action. They are light enough to hang from your wall or ceiling. Burn-in is a factor.

Plasma Display

Technology / Television (TV) / Plasma Display: A Plasma TV Display uses hundreds-of-thousands of miniature, embedded cells to produce a picture. Each cell equals one pixel, (picture element) and has three sub-cells. The three sub-cells are filled MORE

Gas Plasma

Technology / Home Audio / Gas Plasma: Gas plasma emitters are a type of Horn Driver wherein a plasma or ionized gas field is developed and then propelled between two electrostatic grids. The onrushing gas is then compacted or dispersed in MORE

Plasma Cells

Science / Biology / Plasma Cells: Cells produced from B cells that synthesize and release antibodies. MORE