Technology / Television (TV) / Production: The shooting of the program itself.

Other Words for Production

Production Noun Synonyms: producing, manufacture, manufacturing, making, fabrication, preparation, origination, creation, output, putting out, development, formation, forming, forging, shaping, moulding, casting, assembly, building, construction

Actual Production History (APH)

Business / Agriculture / Actual Production History (APH): A measure of an individual farmer’s annual production of a commodity over a multi-year period. The APH serves as the basis for the farmer’s 'normal' crop yield in the crop insurance program. When MORE

Production Flexibility Contract

Business / Agriculture / Production Flexibility Contract: A 7-year contract covering crop years 1996-2002, authorized by the FAIR Act of 1996 between the CCC and farmers, which makes fixed income support payments in place of the previous variable target pric MORE

Asexual Reproduction

Science / Biology / Asexual Reproduction: A method of reproduction in which genetically identical offspring are produced from a single parent; occurs by many mechanisms, including fission, budding, and fragmentation. MORE

Primary Production

Science / Marine Biology / Primary Production: The production of living matter by photosynthesizing organisms or by chemosynthesizing organisms. Usually expressed as grams of carbon per square meter per year MORE

Tertiary Production

Science / Marine Biology / Tertiary Production: The production of living material per unit area (or volume) per unit time by organisms consuming the herbivores. Usually expressed as grams carbon per meter square per year MORE

Sexual Reproduction

Science / Biology / Sexual Reproduction: A system of reproduction in which two haploid sex cells (gametes) fuse to produce a diploid zygote. MORE