Progressive Scan

Technology / Television (TV) / Progressive Scan: The way a television decodes an image – also known as non-interlaced, the odd and even fields are scanned sequentially (1, 2, 3, 4?€¦) every 1/60 of a second. 60 frames are produced every second, thus creating a smother, more vivid picture with less flicker. It is the same technology computer monitors use.

Other Words for Progressive

Progressive Noun Synonyms: advancing, continuing, developing, increasing, growing, ongoing, continuous, step by step, gradual

Other Words for Scan

Scan Verb Synonyms: glance at or through, look over, skim, read over, flip or thumb or leaf through
Scan Adjective Synonyms: study, pore over, examine, investigate, scrutinize, inspect, delve into, research, explore (in depth), sweep, con

Scan Line

Technology / Television (TV) / Scan Line: Lines of glowing pixels that make up the television image. In the NTSC system used in the United States, there are 525 lines in the TV image. PAL, developed in Germany, and SECAM, from France, are 625 MORE

Scan Tuning

Technology / Home Audio / Scan Tuning: In FM receivers, Preset Scan automatically plays a brief sample of what's on each of the preset stations. Station Scan samples each strong station regardless of whether it has been preset. Seek tuning MORE


Technology / Radar / Scan: To investigate an area or space by varying the direction of the radar antenna and thus the radar beam. Normally, scanning is done by continuous rotation of the antenna. MORE