Technology / Television (TV) / Projection: Often referred to as big screens, projection tvs come in two different styles: front and rear. Front and rear TV’s operate in the same manner by forming a small image and reflecting it onto a larger screen. The difference is where the receiver is located. Rear projection TV’s house the receiver inside the viewing unit, while front projection models feature a receiver apart from the viewing source (i.e. Across the room). Rear projection televisions come in CRT, DLP, LCD, and LCOS. Front projection televisions come in CRT, LCD, and LCD, and are the foundation for a home theater system.

Other Words for Projection

Projection Verb Synonyms: protrusion, protuberance, bulge, extension, overhang, ledge, flange, ridge, eminence, prominence, spur, crag, outcropping
Projection Noun Synonyms: proposal, outlining, mapping, mapping out, presenting, presentation

Back Projection

Entertainment / Photography / Back Projection: Projection system often used to create location backgrounds in the studio. MORE

Front Projection

Entertainment / Photography / Front Projection: Method of projection which allows you to combine a figure in a studio with a previously photographed background scene. The image is projected from the camera position onto a special reflective backgro MORE


Science / Spiders / Back-Projection: a method of 3D reconstruction from 2D projections. It is based on superposing 3D functions ('back-projection bodies') obtained by translating the 2D projections along the directions of projection. To MORE