Technology / Television (TV) / Publicity: A type of media text (e.g., an unauthorized biography) that presents information outside the control of the star and his or her representatives.

Inaugural Sailing

Life Style / Travel / Inaugural Sailing: The first 'official' sailing of a ship with passengers, usually directly following the ship's 'naming ceremony.' however, since inaugurals are primarily publicity events, it's not uncommon for cruise MORE

Star Image

Technology / Television (TV) / Star Image: A representation of an actor that is fabricated through the media texts of promotion, publicity, television programs, and criticism. MORE

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Business / Internet Marketing / Internet Relay Chat (IRC): A facility that allows people -- from many different places in the world at one time -- to chat in real time. The chats, or forums, are typed remarks, and they can be either public or private. This, u MORE