Technology / Television (TV) / Raster: The overall area that is scanned by the electron guns.

Raster Graphics

Technology / Computers / Raster Graphics: A technique for presenting a picture as a matrix of dots. It is the digital counterpart to the analog method that was used in TV for decades. There are several standards pertaining to raster graphics. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Forastera: Variety used for white wine production mainly found in the Ischia, Campania DOC of Italy. Used to produce a dry, fresh wine reputed to be a good accompaniment for regional fish-based meals. Has the sy MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Biancolella: Variety mostly found in Campania region of Italy. Used to produce aromatic yet acidic dry/sweet still, sparkling varietal white wines, and blends in combination with such varieties as Forastera all fo MORE