Technology / Television (TV) / Resolution: The amount of data used to make up a picture, screen, or audio track. The more data in a picture, the richer the image and the higher the resolution. Resolution is measured in a number of ways, depending upon the medium used. For example, digital tvs describe their resolutions in terms of the number of pixels or dots that make up the picture along the vertical and horizontal axes. One of the high-definition picture formats is composed of 1080 active lines, and each line is composed of 1920 active pixels. Therefore, each frame has more than 2 million (1080 X 1920 = 2,073,600) color pixels creating the image. By way of contrast, today''s typical analog television is roughly equivalent to 480 active lines, with each line holding about 440 pixels. So, each frame has slightly more than 200,000 color pixels in use creating the image.

Other Words for Resolution

Resolution Adjective Synonyms: resolve, resoluteness, determination, purpose, purposefulness, steadfastness, firmness, decidedness, decision, staunchness, boldness, doggedness, dauntlessness, stubbornness, obstinacy, perseverance, persistence, relentlessness, pertinacity, tenacity, sin
Resolution Noun Synonyms: answer, answering, solution, solving, unravelling, disentanglement, sorting out, explication, outcome, issue, result, end (result)

Resolution Funding Corporation (Refcorp)

Business / Finance / Resolution Funding Corporation (Refcorp): A government agency established by Congress in 1989 to issue bailout bonds and raise funds for the activities of the Resolution Trust Corporation, as well as to administer struggling institutions inhe MORE

Resolution In Bearing

Technology / Radar / Resolution In Bearing: The ability to display multiple objects individually that are closely spaced at the same range. Shorter pulse lengths increase resolution MORE

Addressable Resolution

Technology / Television (TV) / Addressable Resolution: The highest resolution signal that a display device (TV or monitor) can accept. Caution: Consumers should be aware however, that although a particular device (Digital-HDTV) is able to receive the reso MORE