Road Blocking

Technology / Television (TV) / Road Blocking: The scheduling of a brand's commercial at approximately the same time on all networks, or all stations in a given market.

Other Words for Road

Road Noun Synonyms: way, means, approach, route, procedure, technique, method, passage, street, avenue, course, track, entr‚e, access, direction

Off-Road Bike

Technology / Motorcycle / Off-Road Bike: A motorcycle designed for use in the dirt or off-pavement. They are typically not street legal, but sometimes they have lights and larger gas tanks. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Off-Road: Off-Road implies that a motorcycle is ridden off the street onto dirt, trails, sand, woods, hilly terrain, etc. There are also Off-Road motorcycles that have special features to withstand the non-stre MORE

On The Road

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / On The Road: When an nhl team plays games away from its home arena. MORE

PIN Unblocking Key (PUK)

Technology / Cell Phones / PIN Unblocking Key (PUK): If a GSM or GAIT subscriber enters the wrong PIN three times in a row, then the wireless mobile phone is locked until the PUK is entered. MORE

Purchaser Road Credits

Business / Agriculture / Purchaser Road Credits: Credits granted to purchasers of timber in the national forests in exchange for the construction of permanent roads specified in the timber sale contract. The amount of the credits is the Forest Servi MORE

Non-Road Emissions

Business / Agriculture / Non-Road Emissions: Pollutants emitted by non-road engines and non-road vehicles, e.g., farm and construction equipment, gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment, and power boats and outboard motors. The Clean Air Act, MORE