Technology / Television (TV) / Rotation: Scheduling of advertising in the same program or time period on different days each week (horizontal rotation) or throughout a particular day (vertical rotation) in order to increase advertising exposure to different prospects.


Technology / Aviation / Auto-Rotation: Automatic rotation of rotary blades from a helicopter in an unpowered glide or the forward movement of an autogyro. MORE

Axis Of Rotation

Entertainment / Bowling / Axis Of Rotation: The distance between the translational energy and the rotational energy. In English, the amount of axis tilt that a bowler has. MORE

Rotational Energy

Entertainment / Bowling / Rotational Energy: The energy created by the release and rotation of the hand up, around, through, and/or over the ball. This is the rotation of the ball. MORE

Crop Rotation

Business / Agriculture / Crop Rotation: The growing of different crops, in recurring succession, on the same land in contrast to monoculture cropping. Rotation usually is done to replenish soil fertility and to reduce pest populations in or MORE

Sector Rotation

Business / Finance / Sector Rotation: An active asset management strategy certain sectors, that tactically overweights and underweights depending on expected performance. Sometimes called rotation. MORE

Pitching Rotation

Entertainment / Baseball / Pitching Rotation: The order in which the starting pitchers take turns starting games, usually with three or four days rest between starts. MORE